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KA - Utopia (Zar Club Remix) KA - Utopia (Zar Club Remix)

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I said "great remix twice" lol!
Well, it really is.

The Pirates of NewfoundlandWIP The Pirates of NewfoundlandWIP

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Never saw that coming.... "Pirates of Newfoundland" >_>
I love those drums you used. Great song.
I would give advice right now.. but somehow I don't feel like it lol, just... keep practicing and keep going.

.X. Starlight (RemixX) .X. Starlight (RemixX)

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Sounds familiar, but cant put my finger on it. So far I dont think I have heard the original, all I know is that this song is pretty nice. You really need to make longer songs xenoxx!! Seriously you should you would make REALLY good complete songs. Try to remix... one of my songs, latest or old, idc. Or if you heard of the song called "Make Some Noise" by someone named Zoltman or something, then try to remix that! I Have lots of ideas of songs to make... but I'm on vacation and I dont have FL here... soo... Good luck on future songs XenoxX! Great song!

Elevator Music Elevator Music

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The background pad sounds like 007 or mission:impossible.. I get them mixed up sometimes. Well.... It was alright I guess, if I even tried I dont think i can make elevator music XD

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Release. Release.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow dude

Your awesome. I NEEEDDD that bass!!!!! This song is just awesome dude! Just make sure you make it longer!!!!
P.S.: I lost your AIM account, please give it to me again!

~EnV~Imagination(NG) ~EnV~Imagination(NG)

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Title Goes Here.

Great song, sorry I haven't reviewed you... ever. Forgot when, but I remember my bro showing me songs from you like a few years ago (1-2). Idk when, It was a while ago. I love your style too. Only thing you should do is turn up the vocals up a bit so you can hear them :P, unless you wanted it that way where the voice is a background'ish type of thing. I wish I can use those basses... very nice bass.
But yeah, I guess I'm starting to make my reviews longer.... I usually don't make medium sized reviews... but hey, at least I am. Back to the song.... I like how you can just listen to it over and over again it kinda dosnt get boring, of course it would after like 50 times, but my point is that you made it kinda where the song dosn't end or something (the ending stops, but sometimes I ignore that lol).
And yeah... I hate that 0 button. This one time I made someone feel terrible for giving me a 0 cuz they hated the genre, so I kinda felt bad they felt bad lol... oh well. GREAT song! I could just go on, but don't want to clutter up your review space, or don't want you to read too much (if you read this at all lol). Hope to hear more from you maybe.

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Envy responds:

i love reading long reviews :D

I like them more than "good song"


~EnV~Demo mix! ~EnV~Demo mix!

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I like the 3rd one how it just starts out slow, then comes in fast. The whole mix of every song is great. I have a feeling on what I could change, but 3 reasons not to tell you: 1. Dunno myself lol... 2. Dont wana be a jerk... and 3. The songs are awesome enough. And I'm glad you put all those demos in one song, its way more convenient for everyone. But its simple to separate them, just put the song in one of those editors then cut them individually where they just fade out and then back in. Anywho... Great songs you made, I'm gonna check more of your songs out (maybe not at this moment, but I'm gonna favorite you and check you out l8ter). Peace 4 now.

Envy responds:

:D Thanks for the review!

If you know what you'd change, go ahead and tell me!
It doesn't mean I'll necessarily do it, but I'll take it into criticism. Thats why reviews are on here :D

Next time just let me know! Its always good to hear what people like.

Farting Should Not Be A Crime Farting Should Not Be A Crime

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Some nasty farting sounds........ 0:04 sounds gross xD. Sounds like the person is trying to make beats with his farts.

"In The Distance" - F-777 "In The Distance" - F-777

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Yeah... it sounds like a mix between ambient and hip hop. Great song though. Or is it more like a mix of ambient and R&B? Idk... but yeah besides that, like i said, its a good song F777. Hope to hear moar frum u

.X. Welcome To The Matrix .X. Welcome To The Matrix

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its a good thing im done w/ my tests. and i </3 zero bombers! i wish those childs will just kill themselves!!!
Good song xenoxx, sounds awesome.

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