Entry #1


2008-03-18 18:25:37 by Korpze

Album: Shock
New World (Track 1)
Zyni (Track 2)
Xenvyr (Track 3)
Landed (Track 4)
Kinetica (Track 5)
TechLab (Track 6)
DropSite (Track 7)
X-Zon3 (Track 8)
End of Time (Track 9)
Fyn (Track 10)
New Album: Flame
Album Flame Video
YouTube Account:
New Youtube account K0rpz


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2008-04-16 16:55:05

yea i remember.....nice pic!!! seeya around


2008-04-21 09:10:45

what song is that anyways

Korpze responds:

Your song "Xenoxx and Jala Test" or the file "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" or.. the title when you open it up on a music player "Messing around!".
Even tho its just a test, its one of my favorite songs from you ;)


2008-09-01 12:19:26

I love the songs you make their really good!!